The medium is engineering. The work is art.

Songer Audio field coil loudspeakers and drivers are functional works of art, of uncompromising craftsmanship. Each piece is 100% designed, made and assembled by hand. Our products express a philosophy of simplicity, excellence, and a relentless dedication to provide the purest possible experience of music.

An Old and New Design

The product of years of research and development, the Songer Audio 10" Nova electromagnetic speaker is entirely hand made, by an individual craftsman from the finest materials. It offers exceptionally lifelike musical reproduction for a variety of design applications.

Built upon field coil technology that is nearly 150 years old, it captures the best of the old and combines it with modern refinement, innovative design, and meticulous construction. The result is an artistic expression, dedicated solely to connecting listeners as closely as possible to the beauty of music.

Phase Perfect, Full Range

With your choice of the critically acclaimed V3 or the new Nova driver, the S1 and S1x loudspeakers deliver phase perfect, full-range sound +/- 3dB from 32Hz - 20kHz. Constructed of all solid hardwoods and brass hardware, each pair is meant to be as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to.

The excellent performance of the S1 and S1x is owed to simplicity; internally they compensate for natural cabinet diffraction and nothing else. Tuned for deep, accurate bass, each is a showcase for the superb detail, clarity and imaging of our drivers.

Groundbreaking Dipole Performance

The S2 loudspeaker is truly revolutionary in its design. It utilizes our Type D Songer Audio driver, the first in the world to employ both front and rear-firing whizzer cones, both from the same, phase perfect full range point source. The listening experience is an uncannily lifelike musical presentation, wonderfully free of phase and timing issues, full of open baffle musicality, and energy.

Paired with the superbly musical Acoustic Elegance LO15 woofer, the S2 offers full, accurate bass performance from 34Hz to 20kHz, +/- 3dB.

DC Regulated Power

Songer Audio's tightly regulated, low impedance, high noise rejection design removes all AC line and harmonic noise from DC regulated output. This unique feature eliminates induced voice coil modulation, shunting it at the power supply. The result is pure DC power to the field coil magnet, with no overlying AC audio signal.

The supply is able to provide constant current up to 2 amps. Adjustable from 9 to 12.5 volts, listeners have the freedom to tune the performance of the speaker to their personal listening taste.